Environment Food and Rural Affairs Committee Report on Dog Control and Welfare February 2013


The EFRA Committee Report on Dog Control and Welfare was published on 15 February 2013.

It’s recommendations on Dog Welfare and Breeding include:

  • Anyone breeding more than 2 litters a years should be licensed with the local authority as a breeder
  • All agencies and welfare charities should work together to promote the Puppy Contract
  • A voluntary Code of Practice should be set up for websites advertising dogs for sale
  • The Kennel Club should refuse to register puppies that do not meet the conditions of the Assured Breeders Scheme (ABS)
  • ABS health tests should be required and the results of those tests applied to breeding decisions
  • The KC and breed clubs should develop outcrossing strategies for those breeds which have the most pressing health issues
  • Those involved in breeding must redouble their efforts to eradicate health problems caused by conformation to breed standards
  • There should be an annual review of breed standards by an independent panel of experts
  • Additional health checks should be done on dogs before entry to a dog show is allowed
  • The Advisory Council on the Welfare Issues of Dog Breeding should be given a regulatory role
  • The Animal Welfare Act should place a duty on anyone breeding dogs to have regard to the offsprings’ health and welfare

This report is very welcome and now makes the sixth welfare report on the breeding of dogs since 2006.  Campaigning must focus on getting the above recommendations translated into action.